At Concordia, our coaching practices are tailored to the needs of each client, taking into consideration unique requirements. More than just a partnership between client and coach grounded in mutual respect and honesty, we bring hard-hitting insights into how you run your business, assessing whether processes, systems, and people practices generate the best results. More importantly, we are not just trained in one coaching method. We draw on a variety of business models, consulting methods and coaching frameworks, ensuring quality outcomes. What is unique about our offering is that we also explore the mind-set of the entrepreneur or business professional – there is no point investing in people, processes, infrastructure or technology if you do not operate from a peak mind-set. We help you achieve this by incorporating neuroscience-based principles into our coaching & training interventions.

· Are you a business owner, struggling to make ends meet?
· Are you an executive who wishes you had more …(time, patience, capacity, etc)
· Been retrenched lately and finding it hard to land your next role?
· Are you a business professional who is unsure of where to next in your career?
· Are you a student contemplating a course of study?

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, then a coaching package through The Mind Age™ may be just what you need.

1.1. Business Coaching

Thinking of starting a new company? Going through a tough time and want to turn your business around? Cash flow an issue? Something’s not working and you can’t quite put your finger on it?
Well, business coaching may be for you, although don’t take our word for it … call us first – your first session is free and you are under no obligation!

Once we’re clearer on your business challenge, and you’re assured of the value you will get from this programme, you will have a choice of either signing up for our structured programme of helping you set up your business / stabilising it, or having a customised programme developed especially for you focusing on just those aspects you require support in. In addition, we will work on the mind-set you need to make your business a phenomenal success. This will include incorporating neuroscience based principles and techniques in analysing how you make business decision, what your risk threshold is and how you manage money.

This is a high impact programme, suited only for business professionals who seek phenomenal results!

1.2. Executive Coaching

Our ‘Executive Coaching’ offer is aimed at management levels and above, across all industries and sectors. It is tailor-made to the client depending on the need, the complexity of the client issue, and the urgency of needing to solve the issue. Clients sometimes prefer a blend of Coaching and Consulting, in order to draw on our deep Consulting expertise. Each session varies in length and time of day / week, and location is generally when and where is convenient for the client. The approaches used include a combination of organisational development, change management, financial management and leadership development. We incorporate high impact neuroscience principles in understanding leadership style, decision making, problem solving, analytical thinking, displaying resilience, and communication and engaging staff. Contact us now for further information.

1.3. Financial Management Coaching

What’s your relationship with money like? Struggling with cash-flow issues? Want to know what’s blocking the flow of money into your life?

Our Financial Management & Budgeting Coaching & Training Package is aimed at instilling the disciplines needed for effective budgeting and financial planning. This package is not about advising you on investments, stock markets or trading! It will not make you rich quickly either. It is about equipping you with the tools, templates, and mind-set to manage cash and credit appropriately, and will enable you to create savings goals. Whether you are stay at home mum, a single parent, a business owner struggling with cash flow, or a binge-spender, this programme is for you. The approach taken is a mix of coaching and training, with hand-outs also being provided. Our clients have provided extremely positive feedback on the first module of this course. Further training modules are currently in development and will be launched in 2015. If you or your company has an interest in this, tailor-made courses can also be developed specifically for your needs. Please Contact us now for more information.

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