Entrepreneur Accelerator Workshops

The Mind Age™ Entrepreneur Accelerator Workshops are designed for business professionals and small business owners who wish to cut to the chase and hone in on solutions for specific business problems. Each workshop is 4-5hours long, and is customised for the group attending. In some cases, business professionals from the same organisation attend, in others, business professionals or business owners are clustered based on individual needs as identified by the Mind Age™ faculty. Subjects that are covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing your Value Proposition
  • Negotiating (and winning!) as the Underdog
  • Closing Sales / Deals
  • Managing Money
  • Femininity in Business (women only)
  • The Mind Age™ MBA (Mega Bank Account)

Example: Brief synopsis of the MBA programme

The Mind Age™ MBA is the ultimate in achieving personal mastery – for business professionals and business owners. It is a high-impact personalised development and coaching programme delivered by internationally accredited, MBA qualified, management consultants from around the world. The programme is tailored to individual needs. It begins with a personal assessment on skills, knowledge and behaviours to be acquired to achieve professional status in the individual’s career. It draws on the latest thought leadership, research and benchmarks from top international universities. The course is supplemented with high impact, neuroscience based coaching at regular intervals. The objectives of this course are to achieve exceptional personal and business success, looking closely at the individual’s relationship with money, their risk threshold and the neuroscience behind decision making. The ultimate objective of the ‘MBA’ is to secure and sustain a mega bank account!

The MBA programme is 12-weeks long, structured around the specific needs and availability of the client – in lapsed time this may take longer, but ultimately needs to be completed in 24-weeks. All delegates will be able to network with international thought leaders, business leaders, authors / academics on respective subjects.

The content of this course covers a combination of the subject areas based on the specific needs of the individual. Please contact us for further information.

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